Rentals only

If none of our proposed itineraries meets your specific demands & you think you can do better travelling independently, you can consider your ‘Rentals Only’ option. We provide the opportunity to rent just the vehicle & the gear (inventory list see FAQ). This way of travelling offers a maximum degree of freedom & flexibility. Just go where the wind blows. It’s real adventure, it’s romantic, it’s great! 


Considerations before choosing the "rentals only" option

  • Not all roads indicated on the maps are actually accessible by car. Landslides are frequent so roads might simply disappear, snow masses might block roads well way into June. And last but not least, the quality of the maps is not very good. Some roads indicated are, in practice, no more than cattle tracks.
  • If your draw your own plan, we cannot guarantee to provide assistance within 4 hours, in case it is needed.
  • If your draw your own plan you might end up driving on nice roads but risk missing out the much nicer ones just a bit higher up or just around the corner.
  • We have selected excellent camping spots where you will most of the time enjoy 100% privacy. Finding your own place to pitch the tent might end up in discussions with land owners or national park guards. Also, you might end up on a place that is just not as pleasant as the facilities we recommend. 
  • "Rentals only" are not considered a package holiday and therefor "this offer is not covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme onSTO Garant's website (



If you don’t mind all this, then a rental-only might be the perfect option for you. Just sent us an e-mail with your preferred rental period and we will get back to you. The rental price of the car with roof tent and all equipment comes down to €125,00 per day. The day on which you return the car is not charged.