Who are we?

Ruud Peeten & Bojan Galic

A Dutch anthropologist and a Bosnian student of English language & literature… Friends since the student years in Montenegro (2004) after which both careers took different directions. Kids were born, houses bought, but the sense of adventure never left them. This, combined with the love for Lada Niva’s brought them back together and in 2019 the concept of Montenegro 4×4 Adventures was born. Here we are!

Our mission

Our aim is to take advantage of the scarce population density and benefit from the lack of infrastructure in Montenegrin highlands. And the Lada Niva is just perfect for this. Where the asphalt ends your adventure begins! With a mix of self drive programs, rental only options and 4×4 events we aim to make this incredible adventure accessible for everyone. We want you to return to Podgorica with a big smile on your face and a phone full of Lada Niva pictures. And we dare to say that in 99% we succeed. A Lada Niva trip to Montenegro is a truly unique adventure that will last in the memory. It’s a must on the bucket list of every adventurous traveller.

About Lada Niva

Lada Niva is more than just a 4×4. It’s an icon of an era gone by. Since the launch of the first Lada Niva in Russian city of Toljatti, the car hardly changed in appearance. Bourgeois elements like seat heating, airco and a rearview mirror have been added throughout the years, but the design remained untouched. Lada Niva, with its vintage looks and spartan feel, appeals to sense of adventure that you will not find anymore in modern and fully computerized western SUV’s. The car is weighs just under 1200kg making it very easy to handle. Even if you never drove a 4×4 before, you will feel comfortable in your Lada after the first few kilometers. And once you leave the asphalt you will soon fall in love with it.



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Who are we?

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