General Terms & Conditions


Montenegro 4x4 Adventures      is a brand of YUGO Travel. YUGO Travel is a Holland-based travel agency established in 2009, specialising in outdoor holidays in the Balkans. 


Customers guarantees                  we provide maximum protection to our clients with our STO Garant membership. STO stands for “Stichting Take Over” and protects all customers under the Dutch legislation against bankruptcy of the travel agency. In practice this means that you pay your booking to a third-party account (managed by Certo Escrow) through a payment link that you receive by e-mail. Only the day after the end of the booking, the amount is released to the account of YUGO Travel. In case YUGO Travel announces bankruptcy before the end of the booking the amount of your booking will be transferred to STO Garant, who will return the amount to the customer. STO guarantee applies to all the fixed itineraries and the guided tours we offer. Rentals only are not considered as package tours by the legal definition of a package tour and therefor our rentals only are not covered by STO garant. Rentals only are to be paid directly to the account of YUGO Travel. 


VVKR                                    Montenegro 4x4 Adventures is also a member of the Holland based VVKR (Association of small Travel Agencies). VVKR provides small travel agencies with legal advice, networking opportunities and general assistance. 


Payments                            to Montenegro 4x4 Adventures are made exclusively through the third party account of Certo Escrow. After booking you receive a pro forma invoice by e-mail and en e-mail from Certo Escrow with the payment link. You can pay only by clicking the payment link, that transfers you to your online banking account. In case you book a rental only this is not considered a package holiday and therefor these bookings are paid directly to the account of YUGO Travel and you will receive no Certo Escrow payment link for this on top of your invoice. For all bookings we require a 30% non refundable deposit. We recommend to check if your travel insurance covers non-refundable booking deposits. The remaining 70% of the sum can be paid until 6 weeks prior to the start of the travel agreement. You will automatically receive a link with a payment reminder 1 month prior to the start of your trip. 


Travel agreement              if you fill in a booking request for one of the fixed itineraries, we consider this as a request to come to a travel agreement. We promise to confirm the request within 72 hours (but usually much sooner) and after our confirmation has been sent, the travel agreement is made. The agreement holds that Montenegro 4x4 Adventures guarantees that all services included in the itinerary as offered (vehicle & gear rental, camping spots, meals, excursion, optional extra’s) are booked. For the customers the agreement is binding form the moment the booking request has been confirmed by Montenegro 4x4 Adventures. In case we cannot confirm the booking as requested, we will provide a counter-offer on the nearest possible dates. In this case the agreement only comes to existence as soon as the client agrees to the proposed alternative date of travel.  The above-mentioned procedure applies also for the rentals only section. For guided tours this does not work in practice. Usually we put together a program and check the availability of our guides and vehicles, and at some point in the correspondence we come to an agreement. At that point we sent a summary of what has been agreed by e-mail and ask our customers to reply with their confirmation. At the moment we have received your confirmation, we speak of a travel agreement


Changes                                in the tour (adding extra persons, extra nights, extra excursions or changing the dates of the booking) after the travel agreement has been drawn, are possible  for a fixed surcharge of €50 per case.  


Cancellations                      the 30% deposit to be paid upon booking is non-refundable. The remaining 70% needs to be paid at any point until 6 weeks prior to the start date of your booking. If you have to cancel your trip after paying the full amount the following conditions apply


* more then 6 weeks prior to arrival         only the 30% non refundable deposit applies

* 6 weeks – 29 days prior to arrival        50% of the sum of the booking to be charged

* 4 weeks – 14 days prior to arrival         70% of the sum of the booking to be charged

* shorter then 14 days prior to arrival     no refund possible


Vehicle insurances                       our vehicles are …. 


Personal insurances                     We strongly recommend to read through the conditions of your personal travel insurance and check if off road driving is covered. Many insurances have separate packages for risk-sports (skiing, mountaineering, diving) but off road driving is often not included in the standard additional packages. 


Road Books                       are an essential part of your trip, in case you booked one of our fixed itineraries. After reception of the full amount on the Certo Escrow account we will transfer the digital version of your road book through e-mail. A printed version will be waiting for you in the vehicle, upon arrival. Our road books include a detailed day-to-day line out of your tour. For each day of the tour you will find a map with the stage of that day drawn on it. In bullet points we guide you in brief descriptions from junction to junction. Besides this, the road book s full of practical advice, e.g. on driving techniques, where to eat & drink along the tour, where to fill up the drinking water, where to catch mobile phone reception, where to find fuel, firewood or wild swimming spots. For every day we provide a selection of suggested activities (hikes, canyoning, rafting). Some of these activities need to be booked in advance and are mentioned at each itinerary.


Vouchers                             you will receive a set of vouchers for all overnights, meals and optional excursions booked with your road book. 


GPS assistance                    we can provide GPS-tracks of all our fixed itineraries in gpx. Or gdb. files. These tracks can be uploaded in almost any GPS device or navigation app. We are happy working with Outdoor Active but any other app would do. We do recommend to choose a navigation tool that allows offline navigating, download all stages on your wifi at home and switch off data roaming as soon as you enter in to Montenegro. Since Montenegro is not an EU-member, roaming costs are sky-high.