For off-road fanatics

If you do appreciate pristine nature, and you certainly enjoy beautiful landscapes too, but what really matters are the thrills of tough terrain & the experience of wild camping, than this is your trip. We have connected the countries worst roads with the best bivouacs and this stunning tour is the result. Be prepared for a lot of improvising, a lot of mud and a lot of laughter around the fire at night. Disconnected from 4g & phone signal most of the day and urged to cooperate for food, fire and navigation, this trip certainly brings people closer together.



Package price 2 persons in 3-door Lada € 345,00 pp
  2 persons in 5-door Lada € 385,00 pp
  3rd & 4th person * € 145,00
STO Garant Obligatory €12,00
Extra night Wild camping €   0,00 pp
Optionals Extra day car & camping gear rental € 120,00

This offer is covered by STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant's website ( 

Included        Rental of 1 Lada without rooftent, without camping & cooking gear, overnights at designated bivouacs (2x) and lodge (1x), dinner day 3, breakfast day 4, tourist tax,full casco insurance, road book & gps support, daily hiking suggestions (incl. maps & gps support)

Excluded    Travel to / from Montenegro, fuel, entrance fees, meals & drinks, personal expenses

* Due to the restricted load capacity of the Lada Niva we offer side tents in stead of roof tent in case of a 3rd and 4th person in the vehicle (exceptions for smaller kids).



Day 1       |     Into the Kucka mountains              |    60 km      |      60% asphalt    |    3,5 hrs     

Podgorica as a capital might be slightly underwhelming if you’ve visited Rome & Paris before, but there is one great thing about this city; it’s surrounded by wild mountains & pristine nature. After you’ve shopped your supplies the city will be out of sight within less than half an hour and you will find yourself surrounded by the summits of the Kucka mountains. Find a romantic spot on the shore of the mountain lake and open the roof box to pop up the tent. Light the fire, open a cold beer and there we are. This is adventure travel Montenegro style.

Day 2       |     The Moraca & Mrtvica canyons  |    95 km    |     20% asphalt    |    4,5 hrs

Wake up by the bells of the sheep & the song of birds and enjoy your breakfast. Today’s travel will get you through incredible wild landscapes and over pretty challenging roads. You have 2 options for your morning swim. Both Rikavacko and Bukumirsko lake are very inviting. Then descend into the canyon of Moraca, to ascend on the other side, following the course of river Mirtvica. Again great swimming options here, as well as a short hike. Eventually you will reach todays third lake and that’s where you camp tonight. Mud will be all over the Lada by now. The city feels miles away.

Day 3       |     The Sinjajevina highlands    |    120 km    |     20% asphalt    |    4,5 hrs

Fancy a morning hike? Different summits are within reach of a few hours hiking. The surroundings are extremely inviting. Todays stage is a long and stunning one, with tough sections here and there. Most of the day you will spent driving above the treeline, allowing great views in all directions. It took some effort to find the last nights bivouac but we managed to pick a beautifull romantic spot high above the Tara canyon.

Day 4       |     The end   |    120 km    |     95% asphalt    |    2 hrs

When you descend into the Tara canyon you will meet other tourists again. And as you approach the capital Podgorica you will slowly start to realise what a magnificent adventure you have been through. Welcome back to reality.