4×4 Spring Tour

11 days | € 1.195,00 per person

Spring is a bit specific when it comes to 4×4 driving int he Montenegrin mountains. There might be patches of snow on the mountain roads well into June, complicating your trip planning. And sleeping in a tent can be freezing in springtime. But the joy of the fresh mountain air, the awakening nature, the flowering meadows, it is all very tempting. It would be a shame not to have something on offer for this particular season. So here we are!

On this Montenegro 4×4 Spring Adventure we will provide you with warm lodges in the mountains. We will guarantee a maximum off-road experience even though conditions might be tricky. For all potential bottlenecks (landslides, ice, snow) on the itinerary we have developed bypasses. And you will spent relatively lot of time on the coast of Montenegro, which is in spring still very pleasant and quiet while the Adriatic waters are already warming up from may onwards. Spring is a great time for a Montenegro 4×4 Adventure.

day 1 - 2
Welcome in Montenegro
Hotel Ziya - Podgorica
Breakfast at the hotel
Podgorica airport - hotel & hotel - 4x4 shop clock 30 min

Today you land at Podgorica airport where our regular taxi awaits you for a short ride into the city. Take some time for acclimatisation and look ahead to the adventure that awaits you. And enjoy some extra luxury at the start of your trip, because conditions will be basic in the days ahead. The hotel where we accommodate our guests is located next to the city park and a stone’s throw from the center, but still very quiet. Enjoy the capital vibes and the wide range of restaurants.

day 2 -3
Babino Polje lodges
Dinner, breakfast & packed lunch included
4x4 stage Podgorica - Cijevna - babino Polje
height +1800m -500m distance 95 km clock 3 hrs

After picking up the Lada, you will soon leave the capital. Today’s drive to the snow-capped mountains of Prokletije will take about 3 hours and is mostly on asphalt road. You cut through the canyon of river Cijevna and a few miles through Albania, so have your passports ready. Once you are back on Montenegrin territory you reach the northern valleys of Prokletije; Grbaja and Ropojana. Both are worth a stop, albeit for a lunch or a visit to the waterfal and spring in Vusanje. By the end of the day you will experience your first bit of off-roading and now Lada will show its qualities. The last half hour to the lodge is on a scenic mountain road.

day 3-4
Voew of Jelovica lodges
Dinner, breakfast & packed lunch included
4x4 stageBabino Polje - Jelovica (over the mountain)
height +1250m -1650m distance 110 km clock 5 hrs

After breakfast you can consider a walk up and down to Hridsko lake, a true mountain jewel. The path winds up through ancient spruce forests, straight from a fairytale. If snow-conditions allow you can drive up to over 2000m and climb the summit of Tromedja, that marks the border triangle with Albania and Kosovo.

The ride continues to Bjelasica, a rather straightforward ride to the next lodge. if conditions allow, however, we have described a muddy alternative over the mountains for those who dare. It is mostly through forests and includes a river crossing. Only when you reach the highest parts you will have the views.

day 4 - 6
Over Stozer to Durmitor
Nadgora lodges
Self catering
4x4 stage Over Stozer to Durmitor
height + 2400m - 1950m distance 135 km clock 5 hrs
Various hikes in Durmitor

This long ride over the Stozer plateau connects the mountains of central Montenegro with the country’s outdoor hotspot; Durmitor national park. it is a very scenic ride through an area that is rarely visited by tourists. The Stozer plateau rises high above the Tara canyon, forming the east bank of the river. On the plateau gravel roads, suitable only for horses and Lada Niva’s, connect the ancient villages. When ascending to the highest parts of Stozer, dense forests gradually make way for flowering meadows. The highest point of this road is below 1300m and therefor usually accessible from may onwards. In case of late snow, the road through the bottom of Tara canyon is equally scenic, although less challenging. At the famous Tara bridge both options meet. Consider the zipline here, before driving up to your cosy lodge in Durmitor.

You will be accommodated in our favorite resort in Durmitor. 5 wooded lodges in pristine nature, at only 15 minutes driving from town. each lodge has a stove to keep you warm and a private bathroom. You can cook your own meals here, but there is also a seasonal restaurant on the resort.

In Durmitor you will spent 2 nights. We will provide your with hiking options but you can also consider booking an e-MTB trip (+ € 40,00 per person),  a full day rafting (+ € 130,00 per person) or a guided ferrata climb (+ € 65,00 per person).

day 6-8
To the bay of Kotor
Camp na Luka
Self catering
4x4 stage Durmmitor - bay of Kotor spring route
height +1500m -3000m distance 140 km clock 5 hrs
Hike to sveti Andrije Fortress
height +100m -100m distance 2 km clock 1 hrs
Hikes in Orjen
4x4 circular route over Orjen
height +2000m - 2000m distance 50 km clock 3,5 hrs

In spring time, mountain conditions can vary from pleasant sunny days ( imagine blue skies and flowering meadows) to chilly (patches of snow on the routes, mud all over). Both have their charm. But as we descend towards the Adriatic, you are also entering a different climate. Mediterranean here we come! If conditions allow you can consider making an extra detour via the mountain lake of Kapetanovo. This would be an interesting stop for lunch. And before reaching sea level we provide you with another option; to hike to a fortress from the Austrian times, approached via a challenging road form the same era.

Two nights will be spent on a little camp site with a beach and a great fish restaurant within 1 minute waling distance. From you base here you will have a full day to explore the Venetian towns in the bay. If you can’t get enough of Lada Nica, consider driving the challenging circle over mount Orjen. In this 4×4 stage we provide you with optional summit hikes.

day 8-9
Stari Bar
Camp Bartula
Dinner & breakfast provided at the camp
4x4 stage Kotor - Rumija - Stari Bar
height +1600m - 1600m distance 102 km clock 4 hrs
Hike to summit Rumija
height +600m -600m distance 6 km clock 4 hrs

As we head south along the coast, you will pass many pleasant beaches. On a sunny day we recommend you to select the one that suits you most and simply enjoy. The camp where you will sleep tonight is located in a 1000-year-old olive grove near the citadel of Stari Bar. You will not sleep in your Lada but in a fully furnished Bell tent tonight. Beals are provided by the host. Below the camp is a great swimming spot in the river. If you consider an extra night here, canyoning can be provided. Medjurecki (+ € 90,00 per person) is among the best canning the Balkan has to offer. Rikavac (+ € 60,00 per person) is your choice in case of high waters or if you never practiced canyoning before.

Are you into more action? The drive the full circle over mount Rumija. This pleasant bit of off-roading gets you to the same camp but with a panoramic detour. From the highest point of the road, you can climb mount Rumija in 4 hours (return). The highest summit between Skadar lake and the Adriatic coast provides dramatic views over both waters.

day 9-11
Skadar lake
Camp Vranjina
Self catering
4x4 stage Stari Bar - Virpazar
height +550m - 750m distance 70 km clock 2 hrs
Hike Walnu valley
height +250m - 250m distance 10 km clock 3,5 hrs

No more off-roading from here on. But the ride to your final accommodation is yet very scenic. The ancient road along the shores of lake Skadar provide tremendous views over the lake while the mountains of Prokletije, where your journey started, complete the picture. Nice stops are possible en route, to ancient monasteries, local taverns and beaches. From Virpazar you can include a few hours of kayaking (+ € 30,00 per person) or a hike into the walnut valley (with swimming options). The last nights are spent on a lovely little campsite with direct acces to the water. Enjoy your lazy last day here or try horse riding (+ € 90,00 per person incl lunch). Venture out sampling the specific wines and cuisine of this area or take a boat ride to complete your Montenegro 4×4 Adventure.  Skadar lake is at its best in spring, when the lilies blossom and birdlife is abundant.

Rates 2024

Departure between 20/6 – 10/10 2024
3th & 4th person in same vehicle


€ 1.195,00 per person
€ 595,00 per person


  • Transfer airport Podgorica – hotel in Podgorica
  • 1 night luxury hotel Podgorica, incl breakfast
  • Transfer hotel Podgorica – 4×4 shop
  • Rental of Lada Niva incl roof tent
  • Full Camping gear for cooking & sleeping
  • 1 night lodge Babino Polje, incl dinner, breakfast & packed lunch
  • 1 night lodge Jelovica, incl dinner, breakfast & packed lunch
  • 2 nights lodge Nadgora, self catering
  • 2 nights camp bay of Kotor, self catering
  • 1 night camp Bartula, incl dinner & breakfast
  • 2 nights camp Skadar lake self catering
  • Basic liability insurance
  • Digital roadbook
  • PDF’s of all stages, incl navigation support in app (download yourself)
  • Daily suggestions for nearby hikes, excursions & wild swimming spots
  • Tourist taxes
  • 24/7 support


  • Fuel & road charges
  • Travel to/from Montenegro
  • Entrance fees national parks (+/- € 7,00 per person)
  • Drinks & other personal expenses
  • Personal insurances


  • Extra night lodge Babino Polje / Jelovica, incl dinner, breakfast & packed lunch | € 65,00 per person per night
  • Extra night  Nadgora lodge, self catering |   € 45,00 per person per night
  • Extra night camps bay of Kotor / Skadar lake, self catering |   € 18,00 per person per night
  • Extra night camp Bartula, incl dinner & breakfast |   € 60,00 per person per night
  • e-MTB trip Durmitor incl gear & routes |   € 40,00 per person
  • Ferrata Durmitor incl gear & guidance |   € 65,00 per person
  • Rafting Tara, long version incl transfers, gear & guidance |   € 130,00 per person
  • Canyoning Medjurecki incl gear & guidance |   € 90,00 per person
  • Canyoning Rikavac incl gear & guidance |   € 60,00 per person
  • Kayak trip Skadar lake | € 30,00 per person
  • Horse riding Skadar lake incl guide & lunch | € 90,00 per person
  • Extra day car rental  | € 120,00
  • Additional insurance limiting your liability to maximum of  € 500 |  € 10,00 per day
  • Parking your own vehicle at our 4×4 workshop | € 10,00 per night
  • Snowshoe rental (in early spring if you want to go hiking a lot) | € 7,50 per day per set
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